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cowboy indian games

the peace pipe

a treasure hunt for children between 4 and 10 years old.

I am Silver Feather, grand Indian chief of the Comanche tribe. And here is my best friend: John Wood, sheriff of Texas. My best friend John Wood, Texas sheriff, and I are extremely concerned: the Indian warriors and the cowboys are one more time ready to wage war! But John and I don’t want to become enemies. We believe that Indians and cowboys can be friends, as we are. There is one magical object that can bring everybody back together and prevent the war that is coming up: it’s the famous Peace Pipe!

But it is well hidden and only the bravest of the brave will be able to get it back. Many skills will be required to solve very difficult riddles and go through strenuous challenges… Do you feel capable of getting the Peace Pipe back? All Indians and cowboys are counting on you!

May the Great Manitou give you the strength of the bear and the wisdom of the golden eagle to help you succeeding in your Quest of the Piece Pipe!

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A Treasure Hunt - Pirate and MermaidNiels Wooden-Leg was the most cunning and the greediest pirate of the Caribbean. Legend spoke that he even succeeded in stealing the treasures of Blackbeard and Rackham the Red. But no one could ever find where he has hidden his mountains of gold coins, jewels and precious stones. Up till today? Maybe…

Let your young pirates and mermaids discover the fabulous treasure of Niels Wooden-Leg!

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