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This FAQ Games is exclusively dedicated to issues relating to the different games proposed by A Treasure Hunt: content or theme of the game, required material, preparation time, etc. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the online form or by sending an email to gregory[at]a-treasure-hunt.com

If your question relates to the technical support themselves, please consult our FAQ Technical Support page.

What material do I need?

A list of material needed is established for each treasure hunt and is included in the game description. Some material is of course common to all the kits (printer, copy paper, pens, glue, adhesive tape, felt-tip pens). Other items will only be needed for some particular riddles or challenges (drawing pin, elastic bank, cardboard, headscarf, etc.) but all of them are small objects which you can easily find at the back of your drawers.

How long does it take to prepare a treasure hunt?

This of course varies a lot depending on how much you want to invest yourself in the organisation. If you want to carry out all of the different steps of the game (from the invitations to the diplomas including table decoration, brain teasers, sweet boxes, riddles, parchments, other game accessories, etc.), you should allow 2 to 3 evenings for your craft activities. If you only want to concentrate on the game itself, without worrying about the side-issues, you will have to devote one evening to the preparation. And if you’re really in a hurry, a maximum of 1 hour will be needed to prepare the compulsory items (scenario letters, riddles, challenges and diplomas).

How many pages are to be printed?

Depending on the choices you have made for the game, you will need to print between 20-25 and 60-70 pages (this includes all the decorations as well as the clues for the hiding places). We of course advise you to use a colour printer. Watch out: several copies are needed for some of the riddles (one copy per player).

I would like the kids to play in two teams. Is that possible?

Yes. Our treasure hunts are designed to be played with one or two teams, at the organiser’s choice. Riddles and challenges are therefore available in two colours.

My child is between two ages... Which game should I chose?

It’s a difficult question… It will all depend on the maturity of your child and his/her guests. Some children 6 years of age are already able to read a few words. Other 7-years-old children will feel more at ease with images. What matters is that no one lags behind. The role of organiser is extremely important here: you will need to help the children which are experiencing difficulties and set “traps” to those who are progressing too fast.

What content will I download exactly?

You will be receiving 5 PDF-format booklets:

  • 1 advice booklet will give you all the keys to succeed in the organisation of your treasure hunt.
  • 1 instruction booklet is setting out in detail all different steps of the planning process as well as of the course of the game.
  • 1 booklet is dedicated to arts and crafts and cooking and shows you how to set up all side issues of the party.
  • 1 booklet contains the whole set of printable items (riddles, challenges, hiding places, invitations, decorations, etc.).
  • 1 booklet with an EXPRESS version of the treasure hunt will enable you to prepare the basics in less than an hour.
What is included in the kit?

Many things! The exact content is detailed in the description sheet of each hunt.
Briefly summarized, the kit is comprises the following items:

  • Original two-sided invitations, with matching envelopes.
  • Scenario letters with matching envelopes.
  • All necessary game items (decoration, investigation notebook, jigsaw puzzles, accessories…).
  • A “Did you know?” sheet or an original story on the theme of the game.
  • Diplomas.
  • A “cheat sheet” for the organiser.
  • Parchments “hiding places”.
  • Riddles and challenges with game items.
  • Recipes (cakes, cocktails).
  • Stencils and decoration items for the cakes.
  • Decorations on the theme of the game.
  • Table decorations on the theme of the game (decorations for straws and glasses, name tags, sweet boxes, flags…).
  • Pennants on the theme of the game.
Where should the hunt take place?

Our treasure hunts are designed to be played in various environments: from a small apartment to vast parks! Almost a hundred ideas of hiding places, indoor and in full nature, are available from your kit but you can of course adapt them to your own playground.

The party will take place in a very small apartment. Is that possible?

Yes of course! Our treasure hunts are designed to be played in various environments, from a small apartment to vast parks!

For how many children are the kits planned for?

As many children as you want and as you can supervise! But watch out: for some of the documents, you will need to print as many copies as there are invitees. If children come in numbers, we recommend to divide them into two groups, with at least one responsible adult per team.

I’d like to add a riddle of my own. Is that possible?

Yes. Some blank riddle parchments are available for each of our treasure. You can print them and write the riddle or the challenge of your choice while remaining within the overall “design” of the game.

I have no idea where to hide the riddles!

We have imagined about a hundred of possible hiding places, in- and outdoor. A riddle is associated to each of them. You can use them as they are or adapt them according to the game environment and to your needs.

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