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Secure payment

Three methods of payment are available, at your convenience: Credit Card, Paypal and Direct Bank Transfer. These means of payment are totally secured. Do not forget: if you pay with Credit Card or Paypal, you immediately receive your treasure hunt kit!

Payment by credit card

Online payments by credit card are carried out via a totally secured bank server.

The download link for the treasure hunt is transmitted to you immediately after payment. We recommend you to opt for this method of payment, which is both fast and extremely secure.

Payment with PayPal

You may pay with your Paypal account or by credit card. You may pay by credit card even if you have no PayPal account.

You will receive the download link for the treasure hunt as soon as your payment will have been approved. This mean of payment is also very fast and fully reliable.

Payment by direct bank transfer

You also have the possibility to carry out the payment of your order by wire transfer. Please use your order number as a reference of your payment. Your order will be processed upon receipt of your payment, within a maximum of 10 working days.

Bank coordinates for the transfer are as follows:

  • Bank: CIC
  • IBAN: FR76 3008 7330 2000 0207 4300 207

A Treasure Hunt - Upcoming games

Upcoming games

A Treasure Hunt - The last Dinosaur eggDinosaur Adventure

A Treasure Hunt - Double Agent MissionSpy and Secret Agent

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A Treasure Hunt - The game of the moment

The game of the moment

A Treasure Hunt - Pirate and MermaidNiels Wooden-Leg was the most cunning and the greediest pirate of the Caribbean. Legend spoke that he even succeeded in stealing the treasures of Blackbeard and Rackham the Red. But no one could ever find where he has hidden his mountains of gold coins, jewels and precious stones. Up till today? Maybe…

Let your young pirates and mermaids discover the fabulous treasure of Niels Wooden-Leg!

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