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principle treasure hunt

If you are looking for fun things to liven up the children’s parties, you are in the good place! Since 2013, (the french version) is the go-to site for anyone wanting to organize a treasure hunt or detective mystery activity for a kid’s birthday party.

Our stories are real games of imagination where the children are the heroes. With A Treasure Hunt, organizing a treasure hunt suddenly becomes very easy, ideal for busy parents!

Select and download

It takes just a few clicks to select and download a game from our wide range of treasure hunts, paper chases and detective mysteries for kids.

To download the booklets contained in your treasure hunt kit the following settings are required: an up-to-date « unzipper » (7zip, Winzip, Winrar…) and a software which allows reading PDF files (Adobe Reader, Nitro PDF, PDF-XChange…).

Read and print

Read through the rules booklets, print the documents then hide the clues at home or wherever the birthday party is going to take place.

The number of pages to be printed depends on the choices you have made for the game, you will need to print between 20-25 and 60-70 pages (this includes all the decorations as well as the clues for the hiding places). We of course advise you to use a colour printer. Watch out: several copies are needed for some of the riddles (one copy per player).

Play and enjoy

Start with the initial story then accompany the children through the different stages until they discover the treasure or unmask the villain.

Everything is included in the treasure hunt pack:Original invitations with matching envelopes, scenario letters, all necessary game items (decoration, investigation notebook, jigsaw puzzles, accessories…), diplomas, parchments “hiding places”, riddles and challenges, recipes (cakes, cocktails)stencils and decoration items for the cakes, decorations on the theme of the game (decorations for straws and glasses, name tags, sweet boxes, flags, pennants…).

A Treasure Hunt - Upcoming games

Upcoming games

A Treasure Hunt - The last Dinosaur eggDinosaur Adventure

A Treasure Hunt - Double Agent MissionSpy and Secret Agent

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A Treasure Hunt - The game of the moment

The game of the moment

A Treasure Hunt - Pirate and MermaidNiels Wooden-Leg was the most cunning and the greediest pirate of the Caribbean. Legend spoke that he even succeeded in stealing the treasures of Blackbeard and Rackham the Red. But no one could ever find where he has hidden his mountains of gold coins, jewels and precious stones. Up till today? Maybe…

Let your young pirates and mermaids discover the fabulous treasure of Niels Wooden-Leg!

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