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A Treasure Hunt - treasure hunt planning treasure hunt planning

treasure hunt planning

A planning is at your disposal in order to be all set on the D-Day. Of course, it has to be adapted according to the time you have available, to your specific needs and to the number of crafts you plan to realise.

To avoid any stress, and to be fully available on the D-Day and enjoy the party, try to prepare as much as possible in advance.

15 days to D-Day

  • print invitations and envelopes, and distribute them to your guests

10 days to D-Day

  • buy all necessary materials for the crafts and the awards (small gifts, candy bags, etc.)

3 to 10 days to D-Day

  • prepare the different crafts (treasure chest, dinosaur egg, piñata, table decoration, paper chains, etc.)

3 to 5 days to D-Day

  • get the riddles, the roadmap and the challenges printed and cut them out
  • print, cut out and fill in the diplomas for each child
  • print the story sheet and put it in an envelope
  • list all hidden places you want to use, print the clues which will allow the children to find them and write them down on your roadmap (if you are playing with 2 teams, remember to clearly differentiate the hidden places)
  • for some of the games, provide your guests with the additional information sheet
  • choose a cake recipe

1 day to D-Day

  • do the food shopping for the birthday party
  • prepare the decoration


  • bake the cake
  • hide riddles and clues at the planned locations before guests arrive
  • dress up if you feel like it
  • breathe… you are ready!

Preparation of a treasure hunt

Hiding places

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The game of the moment

A Treasure Hunt - Pirate and MermaidNiels Wooden-Leg was the most cunning and the greediest pirate of the Caribbean. Legend spoke that he even succeeded in stealing the treasures of Blackbeard and Rackham the Red. But no one could ever find where he has hidden his mountains of gold coins, jewels and precious stones. Up till today? Maybe…

Let your young pirates and mermaids discover the fabulous treasure of Niels Wooden-Leg!

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