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A Treasure Hunt - paper chase : treasure map, code, sign-posted trail... Paper chase : treasure map, code, sign-posted trail…

Paper chase : treasure map, code, sign-posted trail…

To break the routine, you can also opt for the paper chase, which is a nice alternative to the riddles and which children generally enjoy a lot. We highly recommend it if you have enough time to organise the hiding places in this manner.

There are many “clues” which you can use to help the children orientating themselves from one hiding place to another.

Treasure map

The best known “clue” to help the children orientating themselves is of course the famous treasure map. You can point out the most characteristic items on the map and draw a dotted line to connect the different stop-overs. Make the map as lovely as possible!

Sign-posted trail

You may decide to signpost the route which will lead the children step-by-step to the treasure. To do so you can make use of branches, paint, chalk, pebbles, moss, animal footprints that you will have printed…

Advice: if your hunt is taking place outdoor, do not signpost too much in advance. Your work may otherwise be scattered to the four winds or destroyed on the D-Day (unscrupulous walkers, nosey animals, climatic hazards…).


Using a compass is a very funny way to find a treasure but keep this method for elder children (above 8 years old). The principle is simple: from a given point, go 30 steps north-east and then 12 steps west, etc.


This code is based on a fork, a knife and a glass, but you are free to use other objects which are usually placed on the left, on the right and in front.

The principle is as follows: provide the children with a piece of paper on which you will indicate the starting point of the hunt, how many steps they have to walk and the direction to take in order to discover the riddle or the treasure.

The children will first have to think about the meaning of the code. To decrypt the message, they will have to remember that a fork is placed on the left of the plate, a knife on the right and a glass in front of it.

For example
first 5
then 15
and finally 10
In plain English
First go 5 steps straight ahead,
then 15 steps to your left,
and finally 10 steps to your right.

Hiding places for riddles

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