Paper chase games

Paper chase games

Games for children between 4 and 10 years old

Paper chase games

Paper chase games: follow a trail, identify clues and collect objects!

All our treasure hunts have been developed for both boys and girls so that each of your guests fully enjoys the story and dresses according his/her preference.
Each theme has also been adapted to the age of the children: graphic design, vocabulary, riddles and challenges, duration of the game… Each hunt is available in 3 age groups.
All the games available on our website can be held in- or outdoor and have been tested “under field conditions” during birthday parties.

Each game is an original adventure in which the children have to solve different puzzles in order to complete their quest. Our games enable them to cooperate to attain a common objective: discover where the treasure is hided or identify the culprit. The cooperative games we are proposing allow everyone to have fun without the frustration of having “failed”. No particular technical skills or physical abilities are needed to participate actively in our treasure hunts.

Our hunts are much appreciated during festive occasions and will enable your children and their friends to live out a story in which they are the heroes!

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  • A Treasure Hunt - product halloween 4-5 years old

    Monster Witch 4-5 years old

    $ 15
  • A Treasure Hunt - product halloween 6-7 years old

    Monster Witch 6-7 years old

    $ 15
  • A Treasure Hunt - product halloween 8-10 years old

    Monster Witch 8-10 years old

    $ 15

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